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I'm Medical Doctor with over 20 years of post-graduation experience in medicine and public health

Tropical Medicine

Infectious Diseases


“Perpetual Student”

I am a medical doctor with more than 20 years of post-graduation experience in medicine, with experience in tropical medicine, infectious diseases, public health, surveillance and research. I consider myself a “perpetual student” and always striving to learn more in my
field and other disciplines! I am passionate about capacity building, particularly, of young people who I feel are key to many challenges we are facing in public health in recent years. I
am driven by innovation and exploration of new ideas.

Having worked at all levels in the health sector in Zambia, my experience is enormous and transcends across various levels and disciplines including community development, social welfare, and policy at national and international platforms. My outputs have been transformational and have led to defining and re-organizing strategic approaches for improvement of health and general livelihoods.

I enjoy working in teams and have participated in a number of collaborations that have
resulted in very productive networks. I believe in creativity and encourage to always “think outside the box” and to keep challenging “the status quo”. However, I believe in being ethical, professional, transparent, responsible and accountable at all times. My motto is, “to always honour my word” and to give back to society through hard work and discipline.

My work has provided me with great opportunities and given me a lot of satisfaction.
Nonetheless, I strive to do better, to get to the next level, to keep learning and be able to
actualize my full potential as much as possible.

I think I am obliged to train others, to share knowledge and experiences to ensure the
vulnerable populations are always protected and prioritized, particularly for public health interventions and socio-economic empowerment.

I am dedicated to my work, committed to my family, value friendships and respect everyone in society. I believe that if we all work together, there is nothing that we can fail to accomplish!

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